Hi! I’m Chelsea, and welcome to Pearly Bird Boutique!

I launched this ecommerce website because I had a substantial amount of customers asking to purchase my products through emails and private messages, due to not having access to their prefered method of payment on my previous platform. While I am always more than happy to accommodate my customers, I felt that launching my very own space tailored better to my customers needs would provide a much more comfortable browsing and purchasing experience. Also, I have outgrown my previous platform and felt my own space would be much more organised and professional.

Pearly bird boutique started out as “Pearly Bird Booties” with the original intention to sell handmade baby and children’s booties full time. Unfortunately I soon found out that the children’s apparel and slipper market is very heavily saturated, which was discouraging at the time. While I

had started selling booties in October of 2016, my passion had always been with sewing reusable cloth menstrual pads. I had originally wanted to sell them, but I suffer from extreme social anxiety, which made me second guess my work regardless of positive reviews from friends & family, but also I was nervous about the nature of the product, as feminine hygiene is still not talked about very much. I stayed quiet about them and sold for myself, close friends and the occasional family member.

One night in July 2017, I received a message from a woman who shared a mutual friend of mine. She explained that she had been experiencing problems all her life with her menstrual cycle. As I was explaining cloth menstrual pads to this lovely lady, I realized how passionate and empowered I felt talking about reproductive health and reusable alternatives. So, with the encouragement of of my local friends, I got to work sewing and opened my Etsy shop in August 2017.

When I’m not sitting at my sewing machine or cutting fabric, I am a full time stay at home mom to an amazing 3 year old girl. When I’m not sewing or Momming, I enjoy using my spare time to cross stitch, play board games with my husband, read, bake, drink coffee, eat way too much chocolate, and I like to interact and watch my 2 Betta Fish. I am a big advocate for LGBQT rights, mental health, and body positivity (to name a few). I’m a firm believer in treating others with the kindness and respect that I want to be treated with and I believe in bringing people up and never tearing anyone down.

The name Pearly Bird is in honor of my daughter, who has been called my little “Pearly Bird” since that first night in the hospital. Just like a pearl, my daughter and this business have something in common. All 3 started small, but with love and hard work, all 3 have the potential to grow and form into something precious and beautiful. My hope for this site is that my will continue to grow and hopefully become something inspiring and beautiful. And so far, I’d say we’re almost there.

Thank you so much for reading my About Me page! Please feel free to check out my blog HERE! Have an awesome day!