Fall Update and Closing My Customs Temporarily

September 3, 2018

It’s September 2nd and the fall decorations are coming out in my house already. Like pretty much all people, fall is my favorite season. Pumpkin flavored everything, falling leaves, warmish days and chilly nights – and halloween! Well, that’s not until october, but ya’ll know my skeletons and cobwebs are going to be up on those walls in a minute haha!

So with fall, typically comes my busiest season. Last year I was super busy around this time due to participating in my first craft show! I hadn’t made much of a name for myself last year, so it was really easy to dedicate my time entirely to craft show stock. This year however, business is doing amazingly, I’ve finally made a name for myself among the community, and I’ve been taking on custom orders hand over foot! I’ve been living, breathing and dreaming my custom orders and I love being able to make my customers happy with exactly what they want.

The downside unfortunately is that I have allowed myself absolutely NO time to keep up with my in stock items. I have weeks where I’m mostly doing custom orders and my instock items don’t sell. And, especially lately, I have weeks where even with custom orders, my retail sells off the shelves like crazy! The month of August has been my best month for that, but that also means I’m running out of my instock retail way faster than I can keep up. Couple that with being behind in my craft show prep and 2 possible storefront opportunities coming this Christmas season (More info on that when I have everything worked out and signed 😀 Eeek!!). It’s just been hectic as heck over here!

So, unfortunately for the next, ehhhhhhhh – 2 months or so, I’ll be cutting back on customs by like 90%. So as of late last night, I am officially done my list of customs and I will be concentrating solely on stocking up and bulking up my retail stock and my craft show items… But before that, maybe I should organise my office?

So with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, my halloween socks on, and some cobwebs on my wall (both artificial and from the lack of time to dust), wish me luck on getting everything bulked up!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me about custom orders. I will definitely be open to taking the occasional custom order, especially if it’s a small one, but please don’t be upset if I just don’t have the time to take it on. Customs will be re-open just in time to order some booties for your littles, I promise!

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