June 18, 2018

Last week we celebrated my birthday – Woohoo, the big 27! For some reason I thought I’d be a little more anxious about the realisation that I’m so much closer to 30 than I am to 20, but I don’t think it really hit me. Possibly because life is just so busy, but more likely because I threw my big 15% off + free gift sale and that kept me SUPER distracted all day, haha.

Which was awesome because aside from a little birthday cake after dinner, the sale was the highlight of my day!

I had a ton of people message me and tell me they had been debating on trying cloth and that my birthday sale was an added incentive to try my reusable feminine hygiene products. I mean, how awesome is that! Some people will be trying my cloth pads for their first cloth experience and I’m so honored to be a part of that! I always am! The one thing I learned from my sale was that the overnight pads went quickly. So quickly, in fact, my sale hadn’t been in effect for more than half an hour before they were scooped up. Which was awesome for me, but not so awesome for everyone else who was hoping to grab an overnight pad or two.

My bad! I focused more on the liners, thong liners, regular petites and full regular pads, but dropped the ball a bit on the overnights. Now I know how high demand they are, I’m determined to get a bunch more into the shop in the next week or two. I’m going to put customs in hold for the next week or so, so I can make overnights my main priority. Ideally I’d like to stock 15-20 and try to remember to add more as I go.

I guess I didn’t realise how needed the overnights were, but in the passed few days I’ve had so many requests for more, I’m going to start them right away. I’ve got toppers and backers already cut, so hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to assemble cores.

Please bear with me, I promise more overnights are coming very soon! Thank you all for sticking with me on this journey. I’m still trying to learn as much as i can about my supply and demand, so I appreciate the patience! As always, have a great week and I’ll update you all with overnight pad news as soon as they’re ready!

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