July 13, 2018

Well I’ve been a busy little bird lately, which explains the lack of posts. Between my husband taking a week off for vacation, mom life, and a large customs list, I can finally say I’m all caught up.

Now I can focus on some small changes to my shops and products, which I’ve been dying to get to! I ordered some white glossy and transparent clear sticker sheets to start printing my logo and packaging stickers on.

For those of you who have been sweet enough to order from me, you’ve probably noticed I like to include a sticker or two on the tissue paper your products are wrapped in! Those are actually my planner stickers! I love them so much and find some of them so uplifting and inspiring! However I’m running out of stickers for my actual planner, and they’re a tad pricey. So by ordering my own sticker paper, I’ve been working here and there in photoshop (tweaking the typography, playing with colors and small vectors) and I’m hoping to be able to supply my own uplifting and empowering stickers for my packaging. I’m also hoping to print some “Thank you for shopping handmade” stickers as well.

Another thing I’m hoping to do is to add those stainless steel straws, straw cleaners and straw pouches to my site! I received all the stainless steel straws and the cleaners a while ago and they’ve all been sitting on the shelf in the packaging waiting to be sold! I didn’t want to list them until I could make a few straw holders to go with them (so if you’re taking them on the go, they aren’t bouncing around in your purse/backpack/etc), so hopefully I can get those finished soon, depending on when my special order food grade PUL comes in! I’m not sure if I’ll do an envelope style holder or a very long and thin zipper pouch…

Aside from that, I also made the decision to order a new photo backdrop yesterday. The new one is just a nice wood floor texture in a neutral color. To be honest, before I launched my website, I had a few close friends pick through my website and Etsy for anything that may stand out weird or wrong or need correcting. One of the most suggested things was to switch all my product photos to a white background.

I’m going to be real honest, I actually HATE my product photos.

As I’m a work at home mom (WAHM) my office/workspace is in a place of convenience, which happens to be my basement. I’ve got one wall of office and to my back, the rest of the basement acts as a playroom for my 3 year old. Unfortunately I don’t have any windows in this part of my basement and my ceiling lighting is awful.

Thats where lamps come in. No matter how hard I’ve tried – husband rigging up strips of LED’s for me, photo light boxes from amazon, bright white LED light with white bristol board, etc – none of my photos are coming out very consistent. And then I’m left having to over edit them in photoshop while trying to make the background lighter but not sacrificing the true colors of my product. I think at this point I’m 100% done. I’ll revisit the white background one day when I have an above ground office with bright windows and actual ceiling lights, but for now, I’ll be using my new wood background.

I’m hoping it won’t take me too much time this weekend, but I’m hoping to retake a bunch of product photos properly on the new background and upload those in place of all my current product listings. Wish me luck, LOL!


So as some of you may have recently heard, YES! I am going to be in a craft show!


I had a customer ask if I had a physical place to come and shop, which unfortunately I don’t (WAHM working out of a dungeon at the moment). I had commented back to her on my Facebook page that if she was able to come shop, that I would be at the Cambridge Newfoundland Club on November 18th for a craft show. I don’t think she ever responded, but that caught a few peoples attention and I got quite the handful of private messages on my page asking where the event was and what time, haha.

I wasn’t going to start talking about it until around late September/beginning of October, but yes, I’m in a craft show on Sunday November 18, 2018 from 10-4pm at the Cambridge Newfoundland club.I am SO excited and will be there with tons of cloth menstrual pads, reusable breast pads, tons of baby booties, essential oil bags, regular pouches of both regular and small sized, beeswax wraps, my straws and straw storage and a few other things.

I’m going all in as best as I can, getting proper linens, a professional banner with my logo, I have displays being made for me and have purchased some as well, I’m going to be able to accept credit as well, as a very close friend will be lending me her “square” reader, I’ve got adorable little price tags for everything, and I’m even starting to plan an awesome giveaway for my table!

Last night was my first night of finally buckling down and starting to build my stock! So far I have a bunch of various pouches cut. I’ve got a few fabric bundles online that I’m waiting on to come back in stock, and I’ll be using those for essential oil storage and pouches as well!

A method I found that worked best for me last year at my first craft show (which I’ll talk about in another blog post at a later date) was cutting everything first, then sewing later. So I’ll be cutting everything first and probably won’t even get to sewing until at least September if I’m lucky!

My goal is to have an entirely separate stock for the craft fair – if I have to I’ll take some things off the website and Etsy temporarily and if they don’t sell, list them back up again, but generally, I’d really love to avoid that.

So fingers crossed that I can get this done! Last year I didn’t start working on my craft show items until September – this year I’m hoping the head start right now in July will help!


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